Word Wedding Announcement on Church Bulletin

A church bulletin is good place for couples to announce their recent or upcoming wedding. Proud parents of happy couple also wish to announce marriage in newsletter, especially if couple resides in another city or state. In considering how to write wedding announcement in church bulletin, taking into account practices and rituals of common religion.

Ask secretary of church if there is word limit when wedding announcement is placed in church bulletin. Sit down with pen and paper to write ad. Ad word similar to wedding invitation wedding.

wedding announcement

Word Wedding Announcement on Church Bulletin

The first item to list is names of hosts of wedding, such as Samantha Miller and Edward Gallagher announce their wedding. List important details, such as time, date and place, that you wish church members to know. If couple does not want to open ceremony to all church members, date and time should not be listed.

Make sure to include date and location if wedding has already occurred. Add other information such as how long they have been members of church, employment or hobby details, where they are from and their parents names.

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