Take Your PasLode Nail Gun Apart Easily

PASLODE cordless nailers are robust tool that requires little in way of maintenance. Regular cleaning requires the expansion of the combustion chamber at the back of the gun.

PasLode Nail Gun Apart

Any other disassembly other than registered service technicians can guarantee the weapon invalid and is not recommended due to mechanism sensitive adjustments to the combustion chamber and nailing.

may differ slightly While models, general procedure is the same. Remove the battery from the bottom of the pistol by release button on the bottom of the handle press. Pulling nail filling shoe down and empty nail clip.

Take PasLode Nail Gun Apart

Release flip catch on gas canister restraint on rear of gun, just below compression vent and remove gas canister. gun is now disarmed and cannot fire unintentionally. Press up firmly with your thumb against filter guard release located just above gas canister chamber.

Swing guard up to ward top of gun and remove filter. Remove four Allen key bolts in corners of filter grill enclosure using Allen key that came with your gun. Turn them counterclockwise to loosen and remove.

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Lift grill from back of gun. Locate thick red wire, at top center of rear of gun. Unplug it by pulling up and away fro rear of gun.

Unplug thick black wire as well, by pulling white connection block loose, pulling to right side of gun. Twist silver metal square of vent fan assembly counterclockwise 15 degrees and lift up to remove cover and vent fan. gun is now fully disassembled for cleaning.

Remove seven Phillips-head screws on left side of gun to access interior for part replacement or repairs.

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