Support a Window Air Conditioner and Repair an Automotive Air Conditioning Line

Heavier window air conditioners need extra support so that the window is not the only thing holding the unit in place. You can buy support kitsfor different-size units. Before you place the air conditioner in the window, add the support brackets, which are easy to install from inside the room.

How to Support a Window Air Conditioner

Even if you live on the third floor of a building, you can safely install and support a window air conditioner. Remove the support brackets from the package. You will have two brackets and four screws.

Use the heavy-duty brackets for 12,000 to 24,000 BTU units and small brackets for 5,000 to 10,000 BTU units. Place the first bracket on the left side of the window where the edge of the air conditioner will sit. Use the screwdriver and two screws to attach the faceplate to the inside wall just below the windowsill.

Then do the same for the right side. Note Try to attach the bracket to a stud in the wall. If you cannot do this, use plastic screw anchors.

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Place the bracket arms out the window and adjust the rubber feet so that they fit against the outside wall. Place the air conditioner in the window so that it rests on the brackets. Center the air conditioner and close the window.


How to Repair an Automotive Air Conditioning Line

One is repairing aluminum fittings; the other involves repairing or replacing the rubber hose. In some cases, a simple A/C hose line splice is all that is needed while others require a complete hose rebuild. In either case, many auto parts stores and air conditioning service centers offer rebuild service.

Inspect the failed hose and either repair it on the vehicle or remove it for repair. If the repair can be made on the vehicle, cut the frayed or worn part of the rubber hose in two pieces. Insert a line splice and attach the hose clamps to secure the splice in place.

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Remove the entire hose assembly from the vehicle to rebuild the unit. Replace one or both of the hoses if either has holes, is dry-rotted, cracked, brittle or softened by oil saturation. Place the hose fitting in a vise.

Use a hacksaw to remove the aluminum fitting crimp. Slit the exposed hose with a razor knife to easily remove the aluminum fitting. Measure the hose for the new hose replacement and cut the new hose to length.

Insert new crimps over the replacement hose and insert the old fittings into the new hose. Place the new hose with the new crimp into a crimping tool and press down on the crimping tool handle. Repeat this process for each of the fittings.

Check the repaired hose for solid and tight fittings. They should not twist or move in any manner. Replace any in question before refitting them on the vehicle.

New air conditioning hose assemblies are expensive. Oftentimes, a simple repair can save hundreds of dollars. Repairing air conditioning lines falls into two categories.

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