Stop Cat From Howling

Cats howling for various reasons. This particular vocalization, is used for long-distance communication and to express pain. While sound can be distracting, better to determine if there is underlying problem, especially if onset of behavior is immediate or recent.

Even healthier and more content cat occasionally howl, but intention is to address excessive and disturbing howls. eradication of cause should help reduce howl. Spay neuter or cat if surgery was not performed.

cat howling

Stop Cat From Howling

Howling can be both mating call and declaration of challenge to trespassing cats. When sterilized, cat has no desire to roam and howl to attract mate. female in heat will shriek for entire cycle.

When spayed or neutered, behavior for both genders ceases. Assess living environment and interaction with humans and other pets. cat that is regularly confined while family inhabits far corner of house may howl for attention.

Consider allowing cat to roam house. Also, make sure cat that commutes to yard has not been forgotten. Install cat door if family members are lax about letting cat inside, or keep cat inside.

Cats can be solitary, but they crave companionship. Poll neighbors to find if they have recently adopted cat. new cat in neighborhood may cause even neutered cat to howl when new feline is first perceived.

Vocalization should subside when newcomer loses her novelty. Review medications prescribed to cat. Night howling is side effect of anabolic steroids.

Medication may need to be adjusted, or you might need to be patient until treatment ends. Visit veterinarian to perform blood panel. If none of above steps helps, check to make sure cat is not suffering from illness.

Excessive howling can be symptom of hypertension or high levels of toxins and will subside when relieved.

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stop cat from howling

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