Stay Cool in Car Without Air Conditioning

No matter where you live, with no air conditioning in car can bring in sweat, especially during summer. Check out these tips to help cool even when air conditioning is not blowing. Use car sun shade to cover front windshield when parked.

internal temperature decreased slightly help first jump. In addition, park under shade tree. Take spray bottle containing ice and water.

car without air conditioning

Stay Cool in Car Without Air Conditioning

Spray your face and arms and legs to keep cool during your drive time. Consider wetting rag or towel to place around your neck also. Time it right.

If you’re able to choose when to travel, leave earlier in morning or later in evening when temperatures are cooler. Roll those windows down. Get some air circulating in car.

Don’t attempt to drive with them closed. Take beverages with you. If you drink lot of water, it will help keep you cool internally and prevent dehydration.

Freeze bottled waters to take, and they’ll remain cold as you drink. Drink 2 to 4 glasses of fluid every hour.

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