Remove Blood Stain from Any Fabric and Cotton

The proper way to fully remove a blood stain from fabrics. Using the eye dropper apply the 3% hydrogen peroxide to the blood spot. Using the terry towel blot do not rub the spot to abstract the blood from the fabric unto the towel.

Note if using this procedure on a garment, place a terry towel under the spot area as well in order to prevent bleed through. After having removed all the blood spot from the fabric, this will be evident when the blood no longer transfer from the affected area unto the spotting towel.

blood stains in fabric and cotton

Remove Blood Stain from Any Fabric

If a dark stain iron remains now you must proceed to the next step. Many times when removing blood spot from fabrics a dark stain will remain this is the iron that was in the blood and the hydrogen peroxide nor detergent will remove this stain.

Rinse the now iron stain with the deionized water to neutralize any of the hydrogen peroxide that was left in the fabric. Apply the rust remover to the dark stain using an eye dropper.

If you apply the rust remover using the same eye dropper in which you had the peroxide in be sure to rinse out with water before putting the rust remover in it.

Not doing so will make the rust remover useless because the rust remover is a reducer the peroxide is an oxidizer and if you put them both together one will cancel out the other. Allow the rust remover to work for whatever time is printed on the label.

Follow the manufacturers directions. After the rust remover has removed all of the dark or iron stain follow with a deionized water rinse and you are done.

Remove Blood Stains From Cotton

Being prepared to properly handle a blood stain can mean the difference between successful stain removal and causing a permanent stain to set.

The main trick is to remove blood stain as soon as possible, and do whatever you can to remove it by hand before you run it through the washing machine or dryer.

This will ensure that you have gotten all of the stain out of the fabric before it gets inadvertently set more permanently by hot water or the heat from the dryer.

Rinse out, in cold water, as much of the stain as possible. Take a section of the stained fabric in each hand and rub the stained fabric against itself vigorously while holding it under cool water. Apply a quarter sized dollop of detergent or shampoo directly to the stain.

If you are using the bar soap, rub it onto the entire surface area of the stain. Rub the fabric together again as described in step two.Rinse the fabric under cool water while rubbing the fabric against itself. Continue to repeat steps three and four as many times as it takes to remove the stain.

If a faint stain remains, allow the area to soak in an enzyme based laundry detergent for a few hours, then repeat steps three and four again.

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