Remove Betadine Stains From Clothing

Betadine is dye part of iodine-family. Betadine has several uses in the field of preoperative skin cleansing de-Germing. However, it also comes in over-the-counter cream that can be purchased to treat minor wounds and infections.

There’s Betadine dye, this makes it particularly hard to remove stains from clothing. You can arm now with the knowledge on how to remove this stain itself, so that next time you can focus more on injury and not know how to get rid of the clothes to get spot. Soak the range of wash cloth or cotton swab with alcohol.

betadine stains

Remove Betadine Stains From Clothing

Blot stained area with cotton ball or washcloth. Start from outside of stain and work your way in. This is to prevent smearing stain to other areas of garment.

Repeat process until stain is removed. If cotton ball or washcloth is no longer discoloring from Betadine being removed, and stain is still present, then you will have to use enzyme cleaner. Dampen area before applying enzyme cleaner.

Apply enzyme remover as per instructions on container. Remove enzyme cleaner from garment. Spray area with cold water.

Blot area until mostly dry. Continue rinsing and blotting until there are no more signs of chemical residue.

We hope this information about removing stains of betadine from your clothing is really helpful to you as well as other information related to stain removal.

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