Remove Bathtub Discoloration Caused by Bathtub Mats

bath mats not only make your bathtub safer but also provide some comfort. They are used most frequently to prevent children from slipping, but many adults also feel more comfortable with bathmat in the tub. Available in a wide variety of colors and themes, bath mats can accentuate your decorating scheme, but should be cleaned regularly to prevent discoloration bath.

If you have discovered that your bathmat has already spotted her tub, one of the following cleaning methods can help solve a problem. Determine if your tub is fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic surface or marble. Depending on the surface, some cleaning products may not be safe for use.

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Remove Bathtub Discoloration Caused by Bathtub Mats

You must be absolutely certain that any abrasive cleansers will not scratch, etch or otherwise damage your bathtub. Scrub bathtub with bathtub cleanser and plastic bristle scrubbing brush. If that doesn’t work, try using soap scum remover because these products are typically stronger.

Some products will lift stains more effectively if left on surface for several hours, read instructions on label to be sure that cleanser won’t create new stains if not rinsed immediately. Use powdered cleanser containing sodium carbonate or oxalic acid to scrub stained area. Keep in mind these products are abrasive.

Make paste of baking soda and water, and apply it to discolored area. Leave solution on tub’s surface for several hours or overnight, then remove paste and wash tub with hot soapy water. Clean your bath mat thoroughly, and continue to clean it regularly to prevent any future bathtub discoloration.

bottoms of these mats can easily pick up soap scum and dirt washed off in bath. If left in wet tub instead of hung up to dry, mat can start to grow mold and mildew.

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