Remove Oil Stains from Clothing and Furniture

Since oil stains are dark in color, it can be nearly impossible to tell whether or not the stain is gone before tossing that favorite t-shirt in the dryer. Cooking oil and butter are big culprits when it comes to leaving greasy spots on your clothes.

Many food stains on clothing are caused by oil used in the preparation of food. Heat from the dryer will cause a stain to set, and make it much more difficult to remove. With just a few basic household supplies, you can get rid of that stain for good.

Place the stained garment on a flat surface. Generously sprinkle the stain with baby powder. Let it sit overnight. Shake or brush off the baby powder and inspect the garment for any traces of the oil stain. If the stain is still visible, apply dish detergent it and let sit for 15-30 minutes.

Rinse the garment well under warm to hot water. If the stain is still not gone, repeat steps 1 and 2. Try using alcohol if all other methods fail. Pour a small amount of alcohol on the cloth and blot the stain.

Let sit for a few minutes and rinse well. Be very careful, though, as alcohol can cause the color of your garment to fade. Test in a hidden area first. Launder as usual.

Remove Oil Stains from Clothing

oil stains

Lay the article of clothing out on a flat surface. If the oil stain is fresh do not try to wipe the oil or grease off. You will only spread it out and make the stain larger. Cover the oil or grease stain with a generous amount of dry cornstarch. You should not be able to see any part of the stain.

Cornstarch works as a great natural oil stain remover by soaking up all of the oil. Let the cornstarch soak up as much of the oil stain as possible for about 5 hours. Shake off the cornstarch and soak the stain with Spray and Wash. This is a great stain remover that can be found anywhere laundry detergents are sold.

Let the Spray and Wash soak in the stain for about an hour, then gently rub the stain out. Without washing the Spray and Wash out, throw the article of clothing into the washer on cold with other like colors.

Make sure you have other clothes mixed in as they act as scrubbers in the washing machine. Don’t worry by this point in time the oil or grease stain won’t transfer onto any other clothes.

Remove Oil Stains from Furniture

Furniture collects many stains over time, which can make it look dingy and worn out. Oil stains are a particular problem because they are so difficult to remove. This does not mean, however, that it is not impossible, and there are several techniques you can try. Just remember that the quicker you get to it the better.

Apply an absorbent material such as powder, cornstarch or baking soda. This will get down into the fibers of the fabric or wood grain of your furniture and draw out excess oil. Wait a few minutes to make sure that the powder absorbed all that it could.

Use a vacuum and nozzle attachment to suck up the absorbent powder. Do not brush it off. This will drag the oil across areas that were not stained and might push the powder into fibers where they cannot be removed.

Use a soapy mix of liquid dish detergent and water. Apply with a sponge or rag. Wring the sponge out. There is no need to apply too much water. Scrub the stained area then use a clean cloth with just water to rinse off. Allow to dry and evaluate the stain.

Try a grease remover on furniture fabric. Spray on and let it sit for a few minutes and then scrub lightly with a damp rag. Allow it to dry. Do not use this on wood furniture, and it is a good idea to test the cleaner in an unseen area on fabric to make sure it doesn’t cause discoloration.

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