Make Your Donation to Cancer Society for Someone’s Memory

Donating monetary value to cancer society in memory of someone is thoughtful way to honor dead. Often, family members applying for this type of memory instead of sending flowers or potted plants for funeral.

Donation to Cancer Society

If deceased had cancer, with support of society because of loss of someone loved or as act of charity, giving this type of gift is beneficial to help research groups and support funds cancer victims and their families.

Decide if you want to make donation of one-time or recurring donation every month. Often, cancer societies offer these options to honor memory of someone on long term basis. Check that cancer society you choose is legitimate organization.

donation cancer society

Make Donation to Cancer Society in Someone’s Memory

There are many reputable cancer societies, charities and funds. However, there are also few illegitimate groups. Researching society is particularly important if you are making recurring donation.

Go to Charity Navigator website or call Better Business Bureau to check that organization is legitimate. See Resources Otherwise, you can donate to well-known organizations such as American Cancer Society or Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Go to website for cancer organization to which you wish to donate funds. Often website lists address for donations and you can write check, put in memo space name of honoree and mail check. Look in phone book to find cancer societies in your area.

Call one of them to make donation most are capable of handling this type of memorial over phone. Make donation online if website has this feature available. This is quickest way to make donation, and you can print out confirmation number.

Most places ask you for name of deceased person and address of family members. This allows them to send tasteful memorial card to family, stating you made donation in memory of deceased, if you desire.

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