Make an Old Window Air Conditioner Work Better and Troubleshoot a Danby Air Conditioner That Wont Get Very Cold

An old air conditioner might still have life in it yet. If the unit doesn’t run the way it used to when it was brand new, some internal components might require a good cleaning. Dirt build-up on the cooling coils, especially, prevents the unit from cooling to its full capacity.

How to Make an Old Window Air Conditioner Work Better

A good cleaning of the coils and the condenser fan could make your unit run like new. You will need to take the air conditioner outside, as cleaning of the coils can be quite messy. Press the Power or On/Off button on the control panel to turn the air conditioner off.

Pull the plug from its power outlet. Pull open the front grill with your fingers and locate the air filter within the unit. Grasp the top of the air filter and pull it out of its slot.

Turn on warm water from a faucet and hold the filter underneath. Run warm water over both sides of the filter, until all old dirt and dust vanishes. Allow the filter to air dry or blot it with a towel, until it’s completely dry.

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If a filter is damaged, replace it. Either unscrew or pop off the front cover of the air conditioner unit, being careful not to break it. Pull on the edge of the pan at the bottom of the unit.

If the unit slides out, remove it. If the unit doesn’t slide out, it’s screwed to the cabinet. Insert a screwdriver into the unit’s cabinet screws and unscrew them.

Remove the unit and take it outside. Unscrew the screws to the inside and outside coil panels. Wedge the unit up on one side so that the electrical components are elevated and the inside coil is lower than the outside coil.

This prevents water from washing over the electronics of the air conditioner. Spray the inside coil and fan blades with coil cleaner and allow it to sit for five minutes. Spray the coils and fan clean of the coil cleaner with the hose, being careful not to soak the air conditioner electronics.

Repeat, until all of the old dirt is gone.

How to Troubleshoot a Danby Air Conditioner That Wont Get Very Cold

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More serious problems may require the attention of an approved technician. Reduce the temperature level via the air conditioners control panel or remote control. Danby air conditioners aim to cool a room to a preset temperature which, if set too high, can mean air from the appliance is not as cold as possible.

Tap the – or V button on the air conditioner or its remote control to reduce the target temperature. Increase the fan speed by tapping the Fan icon button. Cool air will not be forced from the machine when the fan is set to its lowest setting.

Each push of the fan button increases the fan speed through its four speed settings. Once the highest speed is passed, the fan returns to its lowest setting. Empty the water tank by unplugging the drain at the back of air conditioner, near the bottom.

Drain condensed water into a bucket or large tray and plug up the drain again. The effectiveness of the air conditioner can be reduced by a full, or nearly full, water tank. Ensure all external windows and doors are closed and all heat sources are switched off.

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The cool air produced by the air conditioner will be negated if warm air is allowed into the room. All radiators, electric heaters, electric clothes dryers, ovens and other heat sources should be switched off, if possible, for best results. Switch off the air conditioner and clean the air filter.

The filter can be pulled out of the back of the air conditioner using its plastic handle. Vacuum out any dust or lint then wash with warm soapy water and allow to dry. Return the filter to its slot on the back of the air conditioner.

A functioning air conditioner is all but essential during summer months in many parts of the world for creating and maintaining a cool indoor refuge from oppressive outdoor heat. Some of the most common causes of air conditioner trouble stem from the appliances setup and its location within your home. You can troubleshoot your Danby air conditioners cooling by eliminating some of the most common causes of problems.

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