Lower Cholesterol With Goat’s Milk

Although goat milk is very similar to cow, there are differences that can make goat milk healthier choice. healthy benefit is that goat milk can help reduce cholesterol. While fat content of cow’s milk and goat is similar, goat milk contains about twice MCT medium chain triglycerides, which are responsible for cholesterol reduction.

Goat milk substitute cow’s milk in their diet. Since goat milk has stronger than cow’s milk taste, you may want to mix both types of milk before drinking it. Gradually increase proportion of goat’s milk until they are used to taste.

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Lower Cholesterol With Goat’s Milk

Choose low fat goat milk over full fat versions. While type of fat in goat’s milk may be more healthful, goat milk is still as high in fat as cow’s milk. So, reduce your total fat intake by choosing low fat milk.

Select cheeses and yogurts made from goat’s milk. These varieties are becoming more popular and easier to find. They offer smooth texture and appealing flavor.

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