You Should Know When You Are Overdoing Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are exercises designed to strengthen pelvic floor. This fairly simple exercise can benefit your bladder and bowel control and sexual enjoyment.

Overdoing Kegel Exercises

If you are pregnant, overweight, recovering from surgery or experiencing incontinence, your caregiver tells you to do Kegel exercises.

However, anyone can benefit from Kegel exercises. Find way to determine if you are doing it correctly and how to know if you are overdoing your Kegel exercises. Make sure you are doing Kegel exercises correctly.

Know When You Are Overdoing Kegel Exercises

The easiest way to find correct muscles is to locate them while urinating. muscles you use to stop your urine stream are pelvic floor muscles, same ones you contract in order to do Kegel exercises. Get used to contracting and releasing them while urinating by stopping and starting your urine stream.

Empty your bladder and lie down or sit comfortably to do your Kegel exercises. first several times you do them, contract your pelvic floor muscles for only three seconds and then relax them for three seconds. Do this ten times in row and stop.

Do another set once or twice more in day for total of three sets day of ten Kegels each. As you get used to them increase time to five seconds contracted and five seconds relaxed. Work your way up to contracting your pelvic floor muscles for ten seconds and relaxing for ten seconds.

Do this ten times in row. Do one set of ten Kegel exercises three times day, as recommended by You may choose alternate workout of two five-minute sets of Kegels day-one in morning before getting out of bed and one at night before falling asleep, as recommended by

Do them until you have reached your goal and then cut back to three five-minute sets week. Stop if you experience any muscle soreness or discomfort while doing your Kegel exercises. Make sure that muscle soreness is in your pelvic floor, not inside your vagina.

Kegel exercises should not cause any vaginal pain. If your pelvic floor muscles are sore or uncomfortable, you are overdoing your Kegels and need to let these muscles rest. dr. Ruth Westheimer says of muscle soreness while doing Kegels, Like with any exercise, you have to start off slowly and build muscle before adding more repetitions.

It’s certainly possible to overdo Kegel exercises, and if that’s what you’ve done, then it’s not surprising that you would feel sore. Once your pelvic floor muscles are no longer sore, start your Kegels again. Examine your technique to make sure you are not doing more than two five-minute sets day or three sets of ten Kegels at time per day.

If you are not doing more than this recommended amount and still becoming sore, shorten number of seconds you contract your pelvic floor muscles. Go back down to three seconds contracted and three relaxed. Relaxing muscles is just as important as contracting them in Kegel exercise so make sure you are completely relaxing between Kegels.

Shorten sets to three to five seconds and just do five Kegels in set until you feel comfortable increasing. Do not do more than three sets day. See doctor if you are concerned that you are using wrong muscles or if you continue to experience muscle soreness.

A doctor or physical therapist can do biofeedback training by using monitoring probe and electrodes to isolate correct muscles. This can also determine if you are completely relaxing those muscles in between Kegels.

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