Keep Rocking Chair From Sliding on Carpet

wooden rocking chairs have soft rails that make them slippery on most surfaces. If you find that you are sliding while playing you may want to slightly alter his chair to keep it in place. chair that slides can pinch the child’s fingers or get fit.

You can choose either to permanently stop the slide chair or temporary solution. Some of these methods works if the chair is too smooth surface. Insert the skid pad under rocking chair.

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Keep Rocking Chair From Sliding on Carpet

Several types of pads are available, including polyester mesh, which is thin and works well on flat carpet weave, hardwood floor, tile or laminate, or thicker mats made of vinyl suitable for chairs on thick carpet. Glue felt strips on bottom of rocking chair’s rails with all-purpose glue. Let it dry before using.

felt will create friction with rug and keep chair from moving. Unpeel self-adhesive non-slip strips and attach them to bottom of chair. These are used to keep kitchen chairs from sliding on smooth floors but are also available in strips for larger pieces of furniture.

Cut pieces of Velcro so that they fit along bottom of chair. Glue them in place with all-purpose glue and let them dry.

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