Keep Engagement and Wedding Bands Together Without Soldering

After marrying, some women choose to wear both her wedding ring and her engagement ring together. Some rings are designed to be used together and are not quite right separately. However, if rings are held together or not placed properly, they can rub against each other causing excessive wear.

While some people choose to weld rings together permanently, you can use alternatives to keep rings together. Visit your local jeweler to have their rings of suitable size. If rings are properly adjusted, they should not rotate around its finger or rub together in excess.

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Keep Engagement and Wedding Bands Together Without Soldering

A proper fit can preclude need to solder rings. Insert wire ring guard inside two rings where they rest on inside of your hand. Hold rings securely in place so they don’t spin or separate while you attach ring guard.

With pair of pliers, fold and pinch metal tabs around shanks of rings to hold two rings together. Use ring guard that has tabs long enough to wrap around both ring shanks. Wrap large rubber ring sizer tube around two rings to hold them together, slipping ring shanks through slit in rubber tube.

These ring sizers are generally meant to make larger ring fit your finger, but they also work to hold rings together.

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