You Can Keep Your Cats Off Motorcycle Seats

Here Kitty Kitty. Twenty percent of American households have at least one cat and reap rewards of keeping one of these fascinating creatures and popular as pets.

Keep Cats Off Motorcycle Seats

Cats provide unconditional love and hours of fun and happiness. One of reasons for our love of cats is their independence, which are cared for cats are self-sufficient and can usually find their own food and places to sleep and rest. This feature helps them popular is, contrast, which can be problematic.

Keep Cats Off Motorcycle Seats

Their curiosity and inventiveness can cause common problem for motorcycle owners cats like to sleep and sharpen their claws on motorcycle seats. If re-positioning bike is not option, instead of trying to extinguish your cat’s nine lives there are measures you can try. Collect enough tinfoil to cover motorcycle seat.

Fully cover seat with foil. Cats hate sound of tinfoil under their feet and will usually avoid it at all costs. This method is also effective at preventing cats from urinating in unwanted places.

Gather together some mothballs. Cats cannot usually stand scent of mothballs and should relocate themselves when they detect it. Place several mothballs under seat or behind bumbers, just do not forget to remove them before operating vehicle.

Do not place mothballs where cat might eat them. Sprinkle some crushed black pepper over seat. Just light sprinkle should be enough, as cats find scent overpowering, so should make swift exit.

Get squirting. oldest trick in book small water pistol. Each time you see cat on seat, squirt it couple of times with small water pistol, as cats hate water this will immediately rid cat from its position.

If you can continue this regularly cat should relocate permanently.

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