Install Central Air Conditioning in House Built on Slab Foundation

Many modern houses have combined heating systems and central air conditioning. ducts are installed when house is under construction and there is easy access to walls and ceilings. addition of central air conditioning to house with central heating is no greater problem, since refrigeration unit may share heating ducts, with some alteration of connections.

Some homes in warmer regions may not have central heating, but needs central air conditioning. Installation of central air in house without existing ductwork is main task, which may require alteration of some walls inside house. Place air conditioning unit inside house slab foundation, if possible.

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Install Central Air Conditioning in House Built on Slab Foundation

Use space in existing utility or laundry room or large closet, preferably near center of house. Put it on separate concrete slab as alternative, at side or back of house, adjacent to closet or similar space that can be used for entry and return ducts. Run main supply ducts from unit to attic, as directly as possible.

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Identify locations for outlet vents, in ceiling unless there is closet or other wall cavity large enough to accommodate duct down to wall vent. Use trunk and branch system, with main supply down center of house and branches to outlets near walls. Connect trunk and branch ducts with metal sleeves or T connectors, which fit inside duct ends.

Secure these with adjustable straps around flexduct and seal them with tape. Let flexduct rest on joists in attic with just few fastener straps to keep them from moving if wind blows in. Cut holes in ceiling to accommodate vents. Install metal vents in those openings, typically nailed or screwed to joists with hammer or screw gun. Fasten ducts to vents with adjustable straps and tape. Install cold air return and air filter near floor adjacent to entry point from cooling unit, some units built for installation inside house will have return openings built at bottom, eliminating need for separate return ducts. Always locate returns near floor in central part of house where air flows naturally.

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