Install a Window Air Conditioner and Use an Air Conditioner and Reduce Electricity

The mercury is rising and the humidity is making it feel even hotter. Its time to install that air conditioner! If central air conditioning is too expensive to consider, then a window unit should be enough to cool things down. Once you have the air conditioner home, it will take just minutes to install it in the window.

How to Install a Window Air Conditioner

and youll be on your way to a cool nights sleep! Install the mounting brackets onto the windowsill.

Screw one end into the sill. Adjust the center screw on the bracket to level the air conditioner. Open the window fully.

Slide the air conditioner over the sill and onto the mounting brackets. Close window to the top of the air conditioner casing. Pull out the extensions on either side of the air conditioner until they touch the sides of the window.

Once fully extended, drill small holes into the window sash and use screws to fasten each extension to the sash. Secure the sashes to each other with angle brackets, if brackets are supplied by the air conditioner manufacturer. Use a strip of foam to insulate the gap where the two sashes meet to prevent the cool air from seeping outside.

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Make sure to tilt the air conditioner slightly away from the window to ensure proper water drainage. Caulk the unit outside around the air conditioner. Then plug in the air conditioner.

Its now time to cool off!.

How to Use an Air Conditioner and Reduce Electricity

Adjust the thermostat to the highest comfortable setting during daylight hours. Set the thermostat a few more degrees higher during the evening or when leaving the home. Close doors and air vents to unoccupied rooms.

Reduce the operation of kitchen stove and bathroom ventilation fans. Minimize the use of heat producing appliances, especially on hot days. Pull shades down to reduce incoming sunlight on south and west facing windows.

Incoming sunlight radiation increases the heat value that must be removed with the air conditioner. Clean or change the air filter for the air-conditioning system on a monthly basis. Using a dirty air filter reduces the airflow across the cooling coil.

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which increases operational costs. Vacuum the air intake grill, the exhaust vent ducts and the thermostat housing.

Air conditioners serve two functions; they cool the air and remove moisture. In many places, the summer utility bill increases from the operation of air conditioners alone. Reducing bills while keeping your homes interior cool will follow a number of basic tasks a homeowner can perform.

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