Identify Ethan Allen Furniture

The company was created Ethan Allen furniture by Theodore Tree Knight and Nathan Ancell in 1939. Tree Ritter Corporation develops Ethan Allen Furniture in early American style they believed that the decorative appeal needs of women. Since then, Ethan Allen furniture trademark owner has changed several times, and has several lines of furniture designed with Ethan Allen Banner.

With a careful examination of your furniture, you can tell if companies created piece. Check furniture, including floor, back and drawer interiors. Look for company stamp with the following name tree Ritter Corporation Ethan Allen Industries, Ethan Allen, Interco, Ethan Allen Inc., Green Mountain Holding Corporation and Ethan Allen Interiors.

ethan allen furniture

Identify Ethan Allen Furniture

These names represent changes company has undergone, as well as holding companies that oversaw manufacturing of furniture. Look for serial number on stamp. serial number identifies furniture as specific item manufactured by Ethan Allen.

To verify that stamp is original, contact your local Ethan Allen store and provide serial number. retailer will look up number and match it with your furniture. Determine style of antique Ethan Allen furniture that you have.

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While Ethan Allen started with its trademark Heirloom furniture, it also created other furniture lines from 1940s through 1980s. These include Treasury Collection, English-style Georgian Court and Royal Charter Collections, romantic Country French Collection and Canova contemporary line. Treasury Collection consists of variety of furniture and other products that resemble antiques from 1700 to 1850.

Determine style of your modern furniture. Modern furniture styles for Ethan Allen varied from 1990s to 2007. These included traditional Heirloom Collection, as well as American Impressions, American Dimensions, Country Crossings, Legacy and Radius.

American Impressions consists of solid cherrywood, American Dimensions is known for its geometric shapes and Country Crossings line is made from maple. Legacy line is Ethan Allen’s Italian furniture, focusing on Italian architectural styles, and Radius is furniture in style of 1960s. Determine style of your newer furniture.

Since 2007, Ethan Allen has concentrated its furniture styling on seven lines. These have included Metro, Villa, Loft, Global, Modern Glamour and Country House. Metro is for young urban furniture buyer, while Villa focuses on styles reminiscent of Italian and French furnishings.

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Loft is casual urban, Global is contemporary classic, Modern Glamour is focused on wealthy life and Country House is created with country lifestyle in mind.

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