Hook Up Security Camera to VCR

If you need simple and inexpensive to make copies of their films what security camera, video recorder is a good way to go way. Make sure you have a separate room where VCR can be stored for secure recording and viewing via TV monitor. Most security cameras should allow simple analog connections cable used by all video players, such as coaxial and RCA cables.

more difficult task will probably be the amount of cable you need and how Rout sure between the camera and recorder. Check the output ports of the security camera before mounting in position. Search for the best connection between the camera and VCR.

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Hook Up Security Camera to VCR

Your options may be limited by type of input ports on VCR. Your basic choices will be RF coaxial, RCA composite or S-video cable. Get cable long enough to travel between camera’s mounted position and wherever VCR is stored.

If you are keeping VCR in another room with monitor, this will likely require cable of 100 feet or more. You may need double-female port adapter to connect multiple cables. Connect cable to mounted camera and decide how to run cable from there to VCR.

Mounting cable to ceiling or higher with brackets or tape can prevent damaging cable. You might need to drill through wall or ceiling and run cable through it, especially if you want to prevent drawing attention to camera. Connect cable to VCR’s input port.

Insert rewound, recordable cassette tape into VCR. Make sure camera is turned on and recording, then press Record on VCR to begin tape recording. Connect VCR’s output to TV monitor so tape can be viewed.

Make sure VCR’s channel and TV channel are set same. When you press Video button on VCR, you should be able to view camera recording live on screen while VCR records.

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