Extract Oil From Gumamela

The bright flowers of bush gumamela are more commonly known as hibiscus. While growing up in variety of gardens for ornamental purposes, shrub is also highly valued for its medicinal properties. flowers are valued not only for their aesthetic value, but they cling to integral essential oil of many medications.

extraction of essential oils and medicinal bush is simple requiring only few tools and key ingredients. Place hibiscus flowers, whole, in mortar. Mash with pestle until it is broken into small pieces and has soft quality.

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Extract Oil From Gumamela

Repeat grinding of flowers one at time, until amount desired has been achieved. Place them in small saucepan. Pour oil over mashed flowers, enough to cover them by 1 or 4 inch.

Place pot on stove. Turn stove to low-medium heat. Allow oil to heat until it is hot but well below boiling stage – reduce heat if necessary.

Heat oil for eight hours, or longer depending on how much oil you want released. Remove pot from stove and allow it to completely cool to room temperature.

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