Extract Essence Oil From Wisteria

Wisteria flowers – blue, violet, spring flowers or white with strong fragrance, fresh – are commonly found in essential oils and perfumes. scent of flower is believed to create romantic atmosphere. commercial essential oils are quite expensive and may contain unwanted chemicals products.

You can make your own essential oil with dried flowers glycine and grapeseed oil. Cut branches of glycine with flowers in spring, when plant is in full bloom. Branches hanging upside down with rope in dark, dry, cool area like closet.

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Extract Essence Oil From Wisteria

Let branches hang until flowers are completely dried out, which can take two weeks to month. Pick off dried flowers, and crush them in mortar and pestle. Fill dark glass jar with crushed flowers.

Cover flowers with grape seed oil, light, low-fragrance natural oil. Cover jar, and let it sit in dark area for at least two weeks to allow scent to develop.

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