Determine If Central Air Conditioner Is Working Efficiently and Easily Clean an Air Conditioning Duct

Central air conditioning keeps your entire house cool and comfortable on scorching summer days. Beating the heat does come at a cost, however. Heating and cooling costs account for half a typical homeowners energy bill, totaling about $1,000 a year.

How to Determine If Central Air Conditioner Is Working Efficiently

The environment pays a price as well. Home air conditioning uses 5 percent of all electricity produced in the United States, releasing about 140 tons of carbon dioxide a year. Avoid wasting cooling dollars and protect natural resources by making sure your central air is efficient.

Determine how old your central air conditioner is. If it is more than 10 years old, replace it with an Energy Star-rated model to save more than 20 percent on your energy bills. Check past energy bills.

If your bill has been slowly climbing by a few dollars a month each summer, you may not have noticed. Your system may not be working at full efficiency if your energy use is steadily increasing. If you dont save copies of your old bills, contact your local utility company and ask for a record going back a few years.

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Walk around your home and determine if certain rooms or corners are hotter or colder than others. Your house temperature should be more or less consistent. If it isnt, your central air may not be functioning properly, your ducts may be leaking or you may not have proper insulation.

Buy a hygrometer from a local hardware store. They are inexpensive often under $20 and can help you determine if your house is too humid. If it is, your system probably has problems that need to be diagnosed.

Look for excessive dust around your home. This indicates your ducts are leaky and pulling dust and debris from attics, basements and crawl spaces and spreading it throughout your house. Seal your ducts if dust is a problem.

How to Easily Clean an Air Conditioning Duct

A clean air conditioning duct will keep your home healthier. Air will flow better. Overall, there just is no way to lose when you keep a clean air conditioning duct.

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Cleaning an air conditioning duct should only take about 10 minutes one evening or as a weekend home project. Wear gloves and face mask. Harmful mold may be present inside air conditioning ducts.

This cleaning process is the same for floor and ceiling vents. Remove air conditioning duct vent covers. If covers have screws, remove with a screwdriver.

If they snap, snap off one corner at a time. Wash air conditioning vent covers with soapy water. Apply 2-3 small drops of mild dish detergent to a sink full of warm water.

If dust and dirt persist, let soak. Rinse with clean water. Dry with clean rag.

Wipe inside the air conditioning ducts as far as you can reach. Clean air conditioning ducts with vacuum long reach attachment. Thorough cleanings can only be done by professional cleaning services.

You should be able to reach a few feet. If caked on dirt remains, loosen with cleaning brush. Vacuum remaining dust and debris in and around the area.

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During the summer, many of us run our air conditioning a great deal. Duct work can clog up with pet dander, house dust and various other items. The key to saving money and keeping your air conditioning in top shape is to remember to clean your air conditioning duct.

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