Clean the Drain Hole on a GE AST05LK Air Conditioner and Recharge GMC Yukon XL Air Conditioner Refrigerant

A cool room on a hot day is a welcome retreat from the miserable months of summer. Window air conditioning units are common in older homes and in parts of the U. S.

How to Clean the Drain Hole on a GE AST05LK Air Conditioner

with mild summers. The GE AST05LK air conditioning unit is a window air conditioner and like all units it has a drain pipe to allow the water to drain out of the back while its in use. If the drain pipe gets clogged with something, clean it out for the air conditioner to keep working well.

Turn off the GE AST05LK air conditioner and unplug it from the wall. Remove the air conditioner from the window to gain access to the drain pipe. Place the pipe cleaner gently into the drain pipe until it hits the clog.

Move the pipe cleaner back and forth inside the pipe to loosen the dirt and debris inside the pipe. Turn the air conditioner back on. The dirty water will drain from the pipe and the unit will be clog free.

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How to Recharge GMC Yukon XL Air Conditioner Refrigerant

This is something anyone can do at home. Start the Yukons engine; turn the air conditioner on, and open the windows — the recharge process requires that the air conditioning compressor is running. Raise the hood of the Yukon.

In the rear passenger side of the engine compartment, locate a canister wrapped in silver insulation; a little larger than a soda can. This is the air conditioning accumulator. Above the accumulator theres a silver pipe with a black dust cap on it marked with an L.

This is the recharge port. Remove the dust cap. Place the refrigerant can on a solid surface.

Place the valve fitting from the recharge kit on top of the can, then turn the valve handle to draw out the valve stem until it pierces the can. Leave the handle on top of the can in this position. Place the valve at the other end of the recharge hose onto the Yukons recharge port; the fittings are similar to those you would use to inflate your tire at a gas station.

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Turn the handle on the recharge kit counterclockwise a little until you hear the rush of the refrigerant flowing into the recharge port. Hold the valve on the port until the flow stops, then remove the valve from the port, and replace the dust cap.

All vehicles manufactured after 1995 use environmentally friendly R-134a refrigerant to keep the inside of the car and its occupants cool. Freon gas was commonly used before this date but no longer since the Environmental Protection Agency restricted its use. Occasionally, the refrigerant needs to be recharged.

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