Clean Goldstar Air Conditioners and Store an Air Conditioning Unit

Goldstar is part of the Korean company LG, formed when they merged with another Korean company called Lucky to form Lucky Goldstar. While the Goldstar name still sells some air conditioners, they are actually produced by LG. Like all room air conditioners, the Goldstar air conditioners have a filter that must be cleaned regularly for the unit to work efficiently.

How to Clean Goldstar Air Conditioners

Turn off the Goldstar air conditioner unit, and unplug it from the power source. Open the fan vent on the front of the Goldstar unit. Pull out the air filters.

Wet a cloth with warm water and 1 tsp. dish soap to create suds. Scrub the air filter with the soapy cloth to remove any dust and dirt.

Rinse the air filter in warm water until it runs clean. Allow the air filter to air dry, and replace it in the Goldstar air conditioning unit.

How to Store an Air Conditioning Unit

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Trying to tackle the job single-handedly also could lead to problems, especially if the air conditioner is extremely heavy. Its better to have at least two people carry out this task. To make sure your air conditioning is working fine when summer rolls around, store it the right way.

Turn the air conditioner off and unplug it. Using at least two people, have one person secure the air conditioner while another unscrews the unit from the window and removes the padding. Lift the air conditioner out of the window slowly, using both people to support it as you do.

Carry the air-conditioning unit to the basement, attic or another room in the house where you plan to store the unit with one person holding a side, while the other holds the opposite side. Place the unit on blocks or on a sturdy surface off of the ground, using your legs and not just your back to lower it. Wipe all visible dust and debris off the air conditioner with a damp rag.

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Remove and replace the air filter, or if the filter is a reusable one, wash it with a mild soap and put it back in the unit. Place the air-conditioning unit in a storage bag or large trash bag to protect it from accumulating dust during storage. .

In most regions, the weather gets too cold in the winter to have any use for an air-conditioning unit, but it cant just stay in the window. That trusty air-conditioning unit needs a place to go until the snow lets up. Putting it away haphazardly, though, could lead to problems with an air conditioners performance.

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