Attach Lead Tape to Golf Club Driver

There are many schools of thought on where to put tape on your club to achieve maximum effect. Apparently, all amateur and professional golfers have their own theories about this. application of lead tape to your club can allow you to make adjustments to range, but note that if you do while playing all year is illegal.

you can also allow you to correct certain defects swing, including cutting and hook. Cut 2-inch strips of lead tape. number of strips will vary depending on how many you need to correct your swing.

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Attach Lead Tape to Golf Club Driver

Place tape along back of your driver, by club’s heel. You can place it lengthwise or wrap it around side of your driver. This should help you cut down on slices.

Buy tape from pro shop. Place strip of tape near your driver’s toe, where most driver’s center of gravity resides. Test your club by taking few swings at range.

You should notice balls hooking or drawing with less frequency, as well as higher trajectory on your drives. Add tape to back of your driver, between heel and toe, thereby increasing swing weight and allowing ball to jump off your club with straight trajectory. Once again, tape strips can be applied lengthwise or wrapped around club’s head.

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