Write Maid of Honor Wedding Speech

A maid of honor speech normally occurs during reception, and is offered as blessing for new couple and testimony of lady of love and friendship of honor. aim of this article is to explore rules and most common tips for writing maid of honor speech, helping to create their own heart-warming and memorable speech. Preparing to write his speech to consider how you feel about bride and groom.

Think funny or poignant memories you share with bride or couple. Write down five virtues that feel bride is and some reasons why we feel that bride and groom are wonderful couple. With due first, you can make easier actual writing.

Write Maid of Honor Wedding Speech

Start speech with touching or humorous story about bride or couple. memory or story should be tasteful and not embarrassing or too long-winded. This story will set mood for your speech and help other guests understand your relationship with bride or couple.

Name two to three virtues about bride and how these virtues will complement personality of groom. Be honest, don’t exaggerate but stick to facts or what you really believe to be true. Include your best wishes and hopes for couple.

Time yourself reading speech. It should take no more than three minutes to read at comfortable pace. Often, you will notice errors or pieces of speech that don’t belong when you read it out loud to yourself.

Transfer finished speech to small note cards in event that you will need them at wedding.

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How to Write Maid of Honor Wedding Speech

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