Wire Wind Solar Power

The wind and solar are renewable resources that provide a sustainable energy option available. Neither is reliable source of energy, but you can system they design to capture in power and convert, leading to possible savings on your electric bill. Wind power generator wiring and solar cells is fairly simple process, if you have found a place to construct your wind solar power generator.

Check rules to determine environment where you can mount your wind turbine and solar panels. Your wind turbine must be, and ideally in high-wind area of ​​at least 160 meters from all buildings. Your solar panels, should provide the best results to the south, but also east or west may face, although you need for your panels solar panels or special frame more same amount of energy to provide.

Wire Wind Solar Power

Wire your wind turbine and solar panels to charge controller. Start by wiring both to blocking diode, using 12-gauge AWG cable. blocking diode ensures that charge only flows from wind turbine or solar panels to battery bank.

In other words, on calm or cloudy day, charge cannot flow from battery bank to generator or panels. Wire blocking diode to charge controller. charge controller should be configured according to manufacturer’s instructions, and able to handle maximum potential amount of voltage from wind-powered generator and solar panels.

Wire charge controller to dump load. In event that either wind generator or solar panels, or both, are producing direct current to greater extent than battery bank can handle, dump load discharges direct current in form of heat, preventing it from overcharging batteries. Wire charge controller to battery bank capable of imbibing maximum potential voltage that wind turbine and solar panels together could produce.

batteries will store voltage from wind turbine and solar panels.

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How to Wire Wind Solar Power

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