Wire Solar Power

The most common method of care at home solar energy is to use solar panels mounted on the roof. You have three basic options for wiring solar power to your home, if they are working with solar panels. You can use the series connection, parallel connection or a combination of both.

Each has its own advantages, depending on whether you want an increased voltage or increased amperage. Click below refer, called 1, 2, 3 and 4. Positive and negative terminals as + or to set up four solar cells -, respectively.

Wire Solar Power

Connect 1+ terminal to 2- terminal. Connect 2- terminal to 3+ terminal. Connect 3+ terminal to 4- terminal.

This creates series circuit, which adds voltage of all your separate panels, while amperage remains constant. If each panel is 12 volts and five amps, total energy produced by circuit is 48 volts and five amps. Connect series circuit to charge controller, which regulates amount of energy flowing from solar panel circuit to your battery.

Wiring battery directly to circuit without charge controller can be dangerous and cause battery to overheat. Connect charge controller to photovoltaic, or PV, battery. Photovoltaic batteries are made specifically to store solar power.

Connect inverter to your battery. inverter transforms battery’s direct current to alternating current. Connect inverter to any standard electronic devices.

Connect 1- terminal to 2- terminal and 1+ terminal to 2+ terminal. Connect 3- terminal to 4- terminal and 3+ terminal to 4+ terminal. Connect negative pair of terminals from 1 and 2 to negative terminals of 3 and 4.

Connect positive terminals from 1 and 2 to positive terminals of 3 and 4. This creates parallel circuit, which adds amperage of your separate panels, but keeps voltage constant. If each panel is 12 volts and five amps, total energy produced by circuit would be 12 volts and 20 amps.

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