Wire Solar Panel Into My House

Solar panels are a necessary part of the house of the solar system, but they are not only those. If you want to use energy they produce when the sun goes down, the battery bank must save them and charge controller to prevent it, always overcharged when sun rises. Whether you’re on saving energy or feed before in panel, to power companies to resell, you must also convert inverter DC output of plates to 120-volt AC.

Install receive your solar system in a sunny location so that it is angled maximum sunlight. The plates are supplied with mounting systems, so you can install them on your roof or on the ground. Connecting plates parallel to the common output.

Wire Solar Panel Into My House

Many panels are designed so that you can simply plug them together. Run output cable to charge controller. Use electrical wire for DC current, and if controller is far away, increase wire gauge accordingly to minimize power loss.

controller will regulate fluctuating output of panels and, if they are connected to battery bank, prevent batteries from overcharging. Locate controller near battery bank or inverter. Construct battery bank that has same voltage as output of panels, if you plan on storing energy.

You can make bank of two batteries that will double voltage of either battery by connecting them in series, that is with negative terminal of one connected to positive terminal of other. Use this principle to construct bank of appropriate voltage from 6, 12 or 24-volt batteries. Typical outputs of solar arrays are 24 and 48 volts. Connect charge controller to battery terminals with same size battery cables you used to connect batteries together.

Connect battery bank to inverter, also using same size battery cables. Connect charge controller directly to inverter if you don’t want to store solar energy but prefer to feed it directly into grid.

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How to Wire Solar Panel Into My House

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