Wire Solar Panel Array

When wiring solar panels for your home, you have several options. You can choose to set up in series, which provide for an increased voltage. You can choose to set up parallel for increased current.

but good middle ground to wire combination of two circuits, so that you can benefit from both increased voltage and current. For this configuration, you will use four solar cells, which are identified as A, B, C and D. Positive terminals marked with + and negative terminals are to be noted -.

Wire Solar Panel Array

Wire A+ terminal to B- terminal. Connect C+ terminal to D- terminal. By doing this you create two separate pairs of series circuits. Series circuits are connected by wiring positive terminal of one panel to negative terminal of another.

Series circuits compound voltage from each panel, keeping current measured in amps constant. Therefore, if each panel is six volts and five amps, you now have two pairs of circuits running at 12 volts each and five amps each. Wire A- terminal to C- terminal.

Connect B+ terminal to D+ terminal. By doing this you combine your pair of series circuits into parallel circuit. Parallel circuits are connected by wiring positive terminal of one panel to positive terminal of another and negative terminal of one panel to negative terminal of another.

Parallel circuits compound current from each panel while keeping voltage constant. By combining two pairs of series circuits into one parallel circuit, you are running four solar panels for combined output of 12 volts and 10 amps. Wire your parallel circuit of solar panels to charge controller.

This will monitor how much energy is stored in battery and will prevent it from overloading and overheating. Connecting battery to panels without using charge controller can be unsafe. Wire your charge controller to your battery.

There is wide variety of batteries to choose from that can store different amounts of energy, but choose one that is meant to operate with solar panels. They are known as photovoltaic PV batteries. Wire your battery to inverter.

This will switch direct current from your battery to alternating current. inverter is what you will be connecting to most of appliances in your home, as most electronic appliances operate on alternating current.

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How to Wire Solar Panel Array

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