Wire Solar Inverter

Solar inverters are an essential part of the home solar panel installation. There are four components to connect solar modules, charge controllers, batteries and inverters. Charge controller is needed to ensure that the batteries are not overloaded.

inverter requires DC DC convert AC current. Most household appliances run on AC and output of solar cells and batteries DC. Connect together solar panels, so that voltage output match batteries.

Wire Solar Inverter

Connecting two panels or similar groups of panels in series will double voltage, but keeps current same. Wiring two panels or similar groups of panels in parallel keeps voltage same but doubles current. You should figure out voltages for panels and batteries so that they match before buying anything.

You should also make sure that ratings for charge controller and inverter match voltages for panel array and battery bank before buying anything. Connect positive and negative outputs of solar panel array to positive and negative inputs to charge converter. positive and negative outputs or charge controller are connected to positive and negative terminals of battery bank.

Connecting two batteries or similar banks of batteries in series positive terminal of one to negative terminal of other will double voltage while keeping current same. Connecting two batteries or similar banks of batteries in parallel both positive terminals connected together and both negative terminals connected together will keep voltage same while doubling current. Connect positive and negative terminals of battery bank to positive and negative inputs of inverter.

outputs of inverter are connected directly to house wiring. It is important that voltage ratings to all four major components solar panels, current controller, batteries and inverter match. panels and batteries can be wired in combinations that bring total networks up to required voltages–the networks need not be mirror images of each other as long as totals match.

If you are going to produce more electricity than you need, there are devices you can buy to put excess electricity on grid–the electric company will send you royalty instead of bill.

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How to Wire Solar Inverter

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