Wire Solar Controller

A solar charge controller, also called Solar Charge Controller, is device, sent from the solar panel battery that regulates voltage and current. Performance of solar cells can vary, for example, when solar panel than 8 volts is listed can be output within the range of about 4 to 12 volts. When the battery requires less than this, it will be damaged before the overload. Charge controller prevents this by keeping the charging voltage at a safe level.

whether charge controller is really necessary. After Arizona Wind and energy, charge controllers are not necessary, with 1- to 5-watt solar panels. In addition, UK Renewable Energy – REUK – notes that charge controllers are not required when maximum power from solar panel is 10 percent or less than battery Ah – ampere hours – capacity.

Wire Solar Controller

For example, battery with 120 Ah will require solar charge regulator when solar panel is able to produce current of 12 Amps or more. Locate connection points on solar controller. Usually these are clips or screws, and they may be connected to wires.

There will be positive and negative connection point for both solar array and battery. Determine which is which. Connect battery to relevant points on solar controller.

positive, red wire from battery connects to positive wire on controller, and negative, black one connects to negative. Close any screws and use electrical tape to cover bare sections of wire. Connect solar panel to relevant points on solar controller.

As with battery, connect positive to positive, negative to negative, and cover bare wiring with electrical tape to prevent contact faults and short-circuits. Test circuit. If connected properly, battery should begin charging immediately. Most solar charge controllers have display to indicate their status, including charging current — amps — and battery voltage — volts. Cover solar panel and check display on controller.

If charging stops, circuit is connected properly.

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How to Wire Solar Controller

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