Wire Canadian Tire Solar Panels

The Canadian hardware chain Canadian Tire sells Eliminator and Sunforce brands of solar panels in various sizes up to 80W. Panels are designed to work with 12V storage batteries, and some can be connected in parallel. When inverter is connected, plates can provide 120V AC loads.

If solar power system to install, it is important to connect solar panels together so that their output currents are added. You must batteries be connected through voltage regulator to protect batteries and extend their life. If the inverter is used, it must be of the correct size for the installation.

Wire Canadian Tire Solar Panels

Wire all solar panels together in parallel. This means that all positive leads must be connected together and wired to corresponding terminal on voltage controller while negative leads are all wired to other controller terminal. In this arrangement, wattage and currents will add together.

Eight panels of 30W will generate 240W of power. To get current, divide by 12V to get 20A. Make sure cable is large enough for current.

Choose voltage controller to match 12V batteries and current. For above example, voltage controller with capacity of at least 20A is required. voltage controller regulates voltage so that voltage level is kept in range best suited to charge batteries.

It also protects batteries from overcharging and, in worst case, boiling battery electrolyte. Wire batteries in parallel with all plus terminals connected together and wired to corresponding terminal of voltage controller while all negative terminals are wired to other controller terminal. number of batteries is determined by capacity of system.

In above example, system capacity is 240W times perhaps 10 hours sunlight, which will give 2400W or 2.4kW. good battery when new will store about 1kW, so three batteries are needed to store one day’s power. If more than one day’s power must be stored to be used on dark, cloudy days, more batteries are needed.

Wire battery side of inverter in parallel with batteries and voltage controller. This means plus terminal is connected to plus terminals of batteries already wired together while negative terminal is connected to negative battery terminals. other side of inverter supplies 120V AC.

inverter is sized according to load it must supply. above system could supply load of 1.2kW for two hours every day, and inverter of 1.2kW would be required. If load has small motor, like freezer or air conditioner, inverter should be oversized by about 100 percent, meaning inverter of about 2.4kW would be needed.

system described here could also run six to eight 60W light bulbs in evening or supply computer for few hours. Larger systems require bigger panels and series or parallel wiring to get higher voltages.

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How to Wire Canadian Tire Solar Panels

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