Wire Air Conditioner Shut-Off Box

power supply high voltage system off box is disconnected from air conditioning system. cable assembly air conditioning unit and wire set breaker terminals connected to wires in lock box, sometimes called disconnect box. Some models of lock cases interrupt electrical circuit with bus bar extraction and use some switch, change is often seen as circuit breaker.

Depending on local building codes, lock box usually mounted on wall within 3 feet of unit. Turn off circuit breaker that supplies power to lock box. If controls close box inside air conditioning unit, then correct circuit breaker has oven or label Air Handler.

Wire Air Conditioner Shut-Off Box

If shut-off box operates outdoor unit, then proper circuit breaker uses Air Conditioner, Heat Pump or Condenser label. Sometimes outside unit’s circuit breaker mounts in main service panel, which is located next to electric meter. Remove insulating covering from last 1/4 inch of wires in shut-off box with utility knife.

shut-off box contains four insulated wires and two uninsulated wires. Examine and understand wire terminals in shut-off box. two shut-off box wire terminals with L1 and L2 tags, usually located near top of shut-off box, hold wires from circuit breaker – known as line.

two shut-off box wire terminals with T1 and T2 or Load 1 and Load 2 tags, usually located near bottom of shut-off box, hold wires leading to air conditioning unit – known as load. Loosen ground bus bar’s screw with flat-head screwdriver. ground bus bar mounts to shut-off box’s case.

Route uninsulated wires away from line and load wire terminals to ground bus bar. Insert ends of uninsulated ground wires into hole in ground bus bar. Tighten bus bar’s screw.

Push stripped ends of line wires wires from circuit breaker into shut-off box’s L1 and L2 wire terminals. wires and wire terminals are interchangeable. Tighten each wire terminal with flat-head screwdriver.

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How to Wire Air Conditioner Shut-Off Box

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