Wire Air Conditioner in Mobile Home

The addition of circuit breaker box in mobile home is similar to adding any other circuit breaker box. When wiring in air conditioning, you will need to add switch 240 volt circuit and cable. cables that run air conditioning condenser outdoor unit will have to complete in disconnect box for technicians who install your unit can easily convert power supply to outdoor unit.

Turn off main switches before installing new circuit. Use screwdriver to remove four screws holding cover of switch box in place. Set cover aside and determine where lower wire mobile home will below switchbox.

Wire Air Conditioner in Mobile Home

Use drill to make hole large enough for wire to pass through. 1-inch-diameter hole should work. Push piece of stiff wire, such as clothes hanger, through one of bottom ports on breaker box until it sticks out about two inches through hole on bottom of mobile home.

Go outside and bend small loop in wire that is sticking out. This will be your pull wire. Attach one of small, inside wires of 240-volt wire to loop by twisting wire around it.

Go inside mobile home and gently pull on pull wire until about 18 inches of 240-volt wire are inside breaker box. Untwist 240-volt wire from pull wire. Strip about six inches of outer insulation from 240-volt wire with wire strippers to expose smaller wires inside.

Use wire strippers to remove about inch of coating from each of smaller wires. Push ends of two small, black wires – or in some instances red and black wire – into 240-volt circuit breaker. Use screwdriver to secure wires to breaker.

Clip breaker onto power buses in center of breaker box. It is made to fasten onto both sides of bus at same time. Slide ends of breaker’s white and bare, or green, wires under two of screws on neutral bar and tighten screws.

Replace cover on breaker box with four screws.

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How to Wire Air Conditioner in Mobile Home

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