Winterize Marine Air Conditioner

The air-conditioned boat that keeps cool in summer becomes useless during cold winters. If your air conditioner is not permanently fixed to your boat, you can remove and place in heated place and skip process of winterizing air conditioner. However, if you intend to keep your air conditioning unit on boat is stored outside, you should properly handle your air conditioner with antifreeze to prepare for winter.

Close seacock attached to intake hose. Separate intake hose outlet sea. Leave inlet hose connected to air conditioning unit.

Winterize Marine Air Conditioner

Open sea strainer. Wipe strainer with damp towel to remove any buildup. If strainer still contains buildup, set it in large bucket of warm, soapy water.

Allow strainer to soak for about one hour and dry it with clean, lint-free towel. Replace strainer. Press power switch on air conditioning unit to turn it on.

Pour anti-freeze into water-intake hose that you previously detached from seacock. Pour anti-freeze according to guidelines on back of bottle. Typically this is medium amount of anti-freeze.

Hold hose so that it is perpendicular to ground. Allow anti-freeze to circulate through air conditioning system for about 10 minutes. You should see some anti-freeze leak through thru-hull.

Press power switch to turn off air conditioning unit.

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How to Winterize Marine Air Conditioner

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