Window Air Conditoner Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your window air conditioning unit, you can try to troubleshoot and correct problem before calling out repair person. If cause of problem is simple to fix, such as clogged filter, then you can make fix it yourself and save money on expensive home repair visit. best way to prevent problems with air conditioning is to perform maintenance regularly.

Turn on unit and see what operations work. Make sure unit is turned on. If not, check it is fully plugged into outlet.

Window Air Conditoner Troubleshooting

Next, plug lamp or other item into outlet to make sure that it is air conditioner and not outlet that is problem. If both of those items check out, then problem is with unit. Check that cord is not frayed or damaged.

If it appears that power problem is inside unit, it is time to call repairman. A/C units can hold lot of electricity, and they are too dangerous to repair yourself if problem is electrical one. Check that air conditioner is not obstructed.

A/C unit needs to pull air in to cool it and then blows hot air out. If vents on front, back or sides of unit are obstructed, this can interfere with normal cooling and operation. Move curtains, blinds, sofa cushions or other elements that might be blocking these intake and output areas.

Once you’ve removed them and vents are clear, turn unit on and see if it starts cooling. Clean filter. If your A/C unit has strange odor, has freezing coils or isn’t cooling efficiently, you should clean filter.

location and removal technique varies by model, so refer to manual for more information. Once filter is removed, you can vacuum it or wash it in mild solution of water and dish soap or water and baking soda for odor problems. Shake it out and let filter dry completely before reinstalling it.

Run fan on High. If you notice fog or smoke coming from vent of your air conditioner, this is caused when cold air meets warmer, more moist air near unit. Running fan on High will help disperse this fog and will cool your room faster.

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