Weigh Down Outdoor Chair

Outdoor furniture must be sturdy enough to survive unpredictable weather patterns. But accidents often happen. Sturdy chairs can get scuffed up or severely damaged by sudden gust of wind that knocks them over.

Preemptively anchoring your outdoor chairs helps prevent them from getting damaged in fall. There are many options available for weighing down outdoor furniture, many of which you can incorporate into overall design of chair itself. Anchor chairs at base of their legs using sandbag or couple of hefty rocks.

Weigh Down Outdoor Chair

Tie two bags of sand together with piece of thick rope. If chair has cushion, carefully remove it. Lay this over center of chair seat, so that sandbags are hanging from side of chair.

Secure rope in place with couple of nails or industrial staples. Reattach seat cushion. If there is no seat cushion, purchase small pillow roughly size and shape of chair to cover rope.

Using wood screws and strong fishing net, build small scaffolding on underside of chair seat. Attach fishing net to chair, securing corners to upper part of leg. Fill net with heavy stones that are too big to fall through mesh.

chair will instantly gain weight, making it more stable. Lay heavy blanket over top of chair to prevent it from blowing over. This also has added bonus of keeping your chair free of dust and debris.

In addition to heavy blanket large, you can lay heavy pillows on seat top to weigh down chair even more. If you have wooden deck and wooden chairs, fasten them together with large wood screw planted through base of chair legs and into deck. You might also try using L-bracket or corner brace that will hold legs of chair more securely to ground.

Ref. 2. This will prevent chair from being toppled over or stolen, although it will also prevent you from moving it around without fair amount of work.

For chair in slightly wooded area, anchor chair to ground using auger anchor. These are unique anchors that resemble large screws with only few threads at tip. Most of length is smooth.

screws dig deep into ground without disturbing soil too much, anchor themselves as they’re drilled into dirt. Attach L-bracket to legs of chair and drive auger anchor through holes on ground. Ref.


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