Weave Corn Husk Chair Seats

Peak antique seat chairs add an old country the decorating scheme touch. corn leaves have traditionally been used in South America tip seat chairs, as they have a similar texture to precipitate herbs. Repair or transform modern antique chairs, chair with wooden structure running for seats-hand with yellow and red leaves of corn.

paint or varnish their seats corn leaf to prevent future rot and decay. Collect fresh, corn field with long ears. Peel and discard the outer shell.

Weave Corn Husk Chair Seats

Peel up three inner husks. Use scissors to carefully cut each of inner husks from ear of corn. Don’t rip husks off, recommends Boys Life magazine.

Trim narrow ends so each husk is same width at top and bottom. Lay husks in direct sunlight until completely dried out. Keep husks dry until you are ready to seat your chair.

Soak 20 corn husks in water for at least 60 seconds, says Boys Life. Remove from water, wring out water, and repeat three more times. Stack dampened corn husks.

If husks become dry before use, re-dampen in water. Twist one husk, starting at end. Twist 1 or 2 husk length into narrow rope.

Lay second husk in un-twisted half of first husk. Twist two husks together. Lay third husk in un-twisted half of second husk.

Twist together. Continue adding one husk at time until you have corn husk rope. Place chair frame in front of you.

Label bottom, left corner 1, bottom right 2, top right 3, and top left 4. Label bottom, cross-rail A, left rail B, right rail C and top rail D, according to Michigan State University Cooperative Extension Service.

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