Weatherize Window Air Conditioner

Air conditioning window air conditioner is possible using items available in store home improvement. purpose of conditioning is to prevent weather elements outside entrance to house. This will not only keep weather in your comfortable home, but also help keep your utility bills to minimum.

Apply firm foam insulation. To do this, you should be cut long strips that are around your air conditioning unit. press them into space between air conditioner and window frames.

Weatherize Window Air Conditioner

If area is really tight, use putty knife to nudge foam into space. Check air conditioner filter and replace if it is dirty. If filter is dirty, unit will have to work harder to cool space.

dirty filter also introduces allergens into indoor air. Prepare for winter. When you are done using your air conditioner for season, weatherizing it for colder outdoor temperatures can help to preserve unit and keep your home comfortable.

To do this, remove front cover of air conditioning unit. Place unopened plastic garbage bag onto unit. Replace front cover.

This will prevent air from traveling through filter system while unit isn’t on. Protect outside of unit. Products are available to cover entire exterior of unit.

However, in some climates, this can cause unit to rust because of trapped moisture. In this case, you should consider using four-sided cover. This cover has top, two sides and back to protect unit.

bottom, however, is open to allow moisture to escape. Remove garbage bag and external protection before using air conditioner again.

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How to Weatherize Window Air Conditioner

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