Wash Your Cat for Dander for Allergy

Your pet cat releases protein found in saliva and dead skin cells. When it cleans itself, these protein particles become trapped in their fur. These particles are known as dandruff.

Dandruff can cause allergies once dandruff and makes inhaled air. According to Vet Info, nearly 10 percent of people suffer from negative responses from dandruff. By improving your pet’s skin, you can minimize amount of dander shed by your pet, as well as minimize allergy symptoms.

Wash Your Cat for Dander for Allergy

Buy dander shampoo for pets. Using dander shampoo can help reduce dander production. According to Achoo Allergy, weekly washing of your pet will reduce causes of allergies by nearly 84 percent. Use dander spray if you pet dislikes baths.

Thoroughly saturate your pet’s fur with spray. Take towel, and wipe off spray from your pet’s coat. Dander sprays can be used once week for dander control.

Put on pair of gloves and face mask, especially if you suffer from allergies. Rub your pet’s skin to help loosen dander. Wipe your pet’s fur with damp sponge to remove dead skin.

Towel dry your pet’s fur. Groom your cat. Regular brushing of your pet can help reduce shedding of dander.

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How to Wash Your Cat for Dander for Allergy

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