Vent Bathroom Fan Two Different Ways

An exhaust fan is allowing air into the bathroom to have an outlet to the outside. The removal of this air is important because moisture and humidity generated by the showers, toilets and running water, generally build up inside your bathroom and could create serious problems such as water damage and mold formation. When exhaust fan running, these problems are not a matter of time.

If you have a large bathroom or insufficient ventilation, ventilation fan in two different ways to the outside can be helpful. Create hole in the ceiling around where you want to install the fan with 3 or 8 inch diameter blade tip. Go to your attic at the exit of the hole.

Vent Bathroom Fan Two Different Ways

Remove any insulation from surrounding area, and use hole to draw square between two joists that is large enough to install fan. Trace square onto tracing paper. Use tracing paper to redraw square onto your bathroom ceiling.

Cut it out with jigsaw. Place exhaust fan into hole from attic. Extend brackets from sides of fan and install them to joists using 1½-inch drywall screws.

Climb ladder from outside your home to cut out duct hole with 4-inch hole saw. Move to new location of your home and cut additional hole to vent fan two different ways, preferably on another side of house.

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How to Vent Bathroom Fan Two Different Ways

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