Use Zeno Acne Remover

He is trying to get rid of your pimples with Zeno acne remover? Zeno is small device that is quick and easy to use and speeds up healing process of their grain. Follow these steps to use Zeno. Start with clean face.

Before using Zeno, apply some alcohol on tissue and wipe contact point at tip. Zeno cartridge tip should be placed on top of device and device must be fully charged before first use. There are two buttons on front.

Use Zeno Acne Remover

Click on left button. It will start beeping and blinking. After about 30 seconds, it will beep again and right button will turn solid green to signify that it’s ready to use.

Click on green button on right. Gently place Zeno tip onto middle of your pimple. You’ll feel heat from device.

Hold Zeno gently and in same place for about three minutes. device will chirp at end to let you know that three minutes has elapsed. After chirp, button will be flashing again.

Wait couple seconds until it beeps again then press button. It will turn solid green again to signify that you can use it on another pimple. Repeat Step 3 and 4.

There are three cycles so Zeno will automatically run for three uses before it turns off automatically. Or you can shut it off by clicking on left button.

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How to Use Zeno Acne Remover

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