Use Wood As Your Bathroom Vanity Top

Wood countertops are neutral choice, which means that warm golden tones of solid wood tops coordinate with any decor. Installing wood top in the bathroom is not an easy decision. moisture in the air and the water spilled on the bathroom counter are important when choosing top considerations.

wooden tops are fine for bathrooms, as long as they are treated properly during installation and well maintained throughout its life. Measure and cut strips of plywood ¾ inch to fit through the top of the cabinet. plywood strips must be 4 inches wide and run across the entire width and length of the cabinet.

Use Wood As Your Bathroom Vanity Top

Do not install strips where sink will be installed. Drive 3-inch deck screws from top of plywood into cabinet frame to secure strips in place. Lay sink template out on top of butcher block.

Trace outline of sink onto wooden top with pencil. This Old House recommends drop-in sink for wood counters because they are less damaging to wood. Cut along pencil mark with router.

Rub marine-grade waterproofing oil into cutout. Let oil absorb into wood. Apply second coat.

If your counter was not already waterproofed, rub oil into rest of counter as well. Spread thin line of construction adhesive on wood strips and along frame of cabinet. Place butcher block on cabinet top.

Shift countertop so it is evenly spaced on cabinets. Clamp top to cabinets with C-clamps.

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How to Use Wood As Your Bathroom Vanity Top

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