Use Window Air Conditioner

window air conditioners are great way to cool smaller areas. If you have small apartment or just want to refresh or two rooms, window air conditioner is better option than central air conditioning system installed. window air conditioners are easy to install and low consumption.

compact air conditioners today are light enough for women to lift and install. Read on to learn more. Determine what size air conditioner you need according to size of room.

Use Window Air Conditioner

5,000 BTU window air conditioner will cool room size of approximately 150 square feet. room that doesn’t get lot of sun during day also means room doesn’t get too hot. So take that into consideration, and reduce BTU’s needed to cool room by approximately 10 percent.

On other hand, if room gets very bright and sunny during day, then that room receives above average heat. So increase BTU’s needed by 10 percent. Pack top part of window with foam rubber strips that are specifically used for window air conditioners, if you’re installing air conditioner in double hung window.

Sealing that upper part of window will greatly reduce cool air escaping outside and also let heat in from outside. Decide how many people are normally in room during day. If it’s two or more people, increase BTU’s needed by 600.

Add another 4,000 BTUs if air conditioner is going to be in kitchen to allow for heat of oven. Take air conditioner out of window during cold months to avoid heated air escaping to outside. This also will reduce how often your furnace kicks in.

If you decided to install air conditioner in wall or somewhere it cannot be removed, purchase air conditioner cover to seal air conditioner from outside.

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How to Use Window Air Conditioner

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