Use Stored Solar Heat and Convert Directly to Electricity

Solar power is becoming affordable and accessible way, the dependence on fossil fuels to reduce and eliminate costly electric bills. If professional photovoltaic panels used by the solar energy can be strong enough to be directly converted into energy to supply electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes. Because of the pitch, roll, and the atmosphere of the earth but the sun does not always shine, so solar storage and conversion necessity become for the night light and power.

Select Design your system. function to convert While many different systems can be used, solar energy, certain systems better for different grades and amounts of sunlight, as well as for the intended performance and budget. Voltage and power from your solar system equal to output, so 7:59 80 volt panels should be sufficient for most small houses.

Use Stored Solar Heat and Convert Directly to Electricity

Collect solar energy through one of available types of collectors. Flat plate, parabolic dish, central receiver and photovoltaic collectors are all designed to collect and convert sun’s thermal energy into usable electricity. Photovoltaic collectors are most accessible and practical for common consumer.

Get tracking device and rotating mount that follow daily path of sun to optimize energy intake. Connect your solar panels to charge controller. When sun’s rays are hottest, photovoltaic panels can absorb enough power to damage your battery or start fire.

Make sure to use correct size wires for size and capacity of your panels and batteries. This box also alerts you when battery is full. Use same wire you used to connect solar panels to charge controller to hook up charge controller to batteries.

Batteries are most portable and accessible form of energy storage. Make sure you have batteries that can receive and maintain energy. Invest in heavy-duty industrial batteries, also called deep-cycle or lead-acid batteries.

Depending on type of battery and size of system, you may need multiple batteries. More batteries will maximize storage capacity and output over long periods without sunshine. Convert stored energy from battery into direct AC electricity with power inverter.

Since energy pumping in from batteries is low DC voltage, power inverter is essential for running any standard 120 volt AC appliances. Small systems can get by on 400-watt inverter for as little as $100. For more extensive systems with higher budgets, you can get inverters with up to multiple kilowatts of output and automatic features for $2,000 to $3,000.

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How to Use Stored Solar Heat and Convert Directly to Electricity

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