Use Solar Power While Camping

Camping with solar power equipment has many advantages to be other than the environment. Portable Solar Energy Equipment have longer battery life and are lighter and less bulky than traditional camping supplies. Determine the accessories you need.

If you are Camping, you’re needs as different if you do not. Consider size and weight of accessories. If you do not stay on the campsite, you will wear accessories so that you do not want heavy supplies.

Use Solar Power While Camping

Invest in solar powered flashlights, AM or FM radio and lanterns. These accessories offer safe alternatives to battery operated accessories. Since they use solar energy, you won’t have to worry about buying new batteries.

Use solar battery charger when you charge small electronic devices. To connect devices, like laptop, to charger, you must have 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter made specifically for laptop. charger recharges battery or slows draining battery, if you’re using it.

Add solar controller to solar panel when you recharge batteries. Connect device between controller and battery. You’ll avoid overcharging and damaging battery.

Devices with 12-volt battery stays fully charged when connected to controller.

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How to Use Solar Power While Camping

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