Use Solar Power to Run House

Solar energy is practical, viable means to power and heat your home. Variety of technologies and options are available. Each option has advantages and disadvantages that must be considered.

Solar systems range dramatically in cost, but all basically work to reduce or eliminate your energy needs. Before installing expensive systems, there are common sense ways passive solar energy use reduction of energy consumption to start. Consider the use of passive solar heating and cooling your home.

Use Solar Power to Run House

Passive solar heating heats air trapped inside your car on hot day, and can similarly heat or cool your home. By putting awnings or leafy plants around windows and doors, you can reduce sun’s heating effect during summer months. By reinforcing insulation in ceilings, walls, floors, and around doors and windows, you can trap that same heat during colder months.

Install shutters on windows that can be opened or closed to allow or prevent sun from heating your home. Install solar-power water heater. Traditional water heating is very energy expensive, accounting for roughly 30 percent of your household energy consumption.

Solar-power water heaters are relatively inexpensive way to reduce that consumption. They range in price from $1,000 to $3,500. That initial outlay can be recouped in from one to six years after installation.

Systems range from simple, do-it-yourself unglazed black pipe systems to glazed panel cases that while more expensive, are better for colder climates. Invest in photovoltaic electrical system. PV systems pass direct current voltage gathered by PV panels to power inverter that converts it to alternating current for home use.

PV systems can be stand-alone or grid-tied.

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How to Use Solar Power to Run House

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