Use Solar Power to Heat Water

There are many simple ways to use solar energy to heat water. Although these two methods do not result in boiling water, they can turn your water heater thermostat down a few degrees. These techniques work best in climates where it all year to fast-rising sun and ambient air temperature at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit.Due cost of home heating methods, you can not see significant reduction in electricity bills, but you need to know satisfaction that you have done what you to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

method a stretch black garden hose on south side of the roof, with large loops. One end of the hose to be sure incoming cold water pipe of your house, valve is open. Attach other end of the hose to cold water Low water heater.

Use Solar Power to Heat Water

hose will absorb heat from sun, warming water before it enters your water heater. Method two Build 3 by 3 by 6 tall platform on south side of house, in full sun. Dig four holes three feet apart in square, two feet deep.

Center one post in each hole and fill with concrete, being sure to make each post level and square to other three. Allow concrete to set 24 to 48 hours. Attach 2 by 4s flush with tops of posts, using two carriage bolts at each end of each of 2 by 4s.

Top with 3 by 3 plywood sheet, using 1 1 or 2 wood screws. Be sure to use plywood one inch thick to provide adequate support for barrel when it is full. Space screws every six inches, about one inch in from edge.

Screw three feet long pieces of 4 by 6 posts in place along top of platform to create ledge that will keep barrel from falling off platform, using 6 screws. This will ensure that screws go through posts, through plywood, and into two by fours of top of platform frame. Place empty barrel on platform, with hose attached to spigot.

Attach hose to cold water intake of you water heater. Fill barrel with water. You may have to modify window in order to run hose into house.

resources at end of this article provide sample water line system. illustrations show hot water lines as red and cold lines as blue to make it easier to picture how they run into house and from water heater to kitchen and bathrooms.Because it takes several hours for water in hose or barrel to heat, you may only get one or two showers worth of hot water per day using these two methods.

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How to Use Solar Power to Heat Water

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